Your Keys, your coins, your koala wallet
Your Passport to the Kadena 
Koala Wallet makes it easier than ever to buy, send, receive, and safely store your Kadena.
Available on iOS and Android
Browser Extension Coming Soon!

Private & Secure

Your Koala Wallet is non-custodial - only you have access to your assets, accounts and data.

Cross Chain Transactions

Seamlessly transact all your favorite Kadena assets across all chains.

Send & Receive

Koala Wallet makes it safe and easy to send and receive Kadena from your k:address.


With Koala Wallet, purchasing crypto has never been easier. Stock up on KDA directly in-app, without leaving your wallet!

NFT Support

Share, store, and manage your precious Kadena collectibles in our NFT Jungle.

Swap in Seconds

Swap between all your favorite Kadena assets and more!

WalletConnect v2 Support

Explore and interact with your favorite Kadena dApps securely while connected to your Koala Wallet.

Kadena Names Support

Koala Wallet supports human-readable k:addresses powered by Kadena Names.

Explore with your Koala Wallet

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